How It Works

1)  The first step is to register for a free Employer account. It takes just a few minutes. You will need to check your email to verify your email address before your account is activated.

2)  Posting gigs is always free. So go ahead and post as many gigs as you wish to find local help from Service Providers near you. The four main service categories you will be  posting gigs to are:

  • Home Improvement
  • Household Chores
  • Yard Work
  • Personal Services

3)  You will then give your new gig a title.

4)  After that, you should describe in substantial detail what your gig is all about and what you need done. Please upload photographs to help give a visual depiction of what you need help with. The better the information you provide in the description, the more interest your gig will receive from Service Providers.

Please do not provide personally identifiable information in your gig description such as your name, address, phone number, or email address. We do not want you to be targeted by unsolicited advertisements or spammers.

Also, be sure to include in your description if you will be purchasing supplies or materials that are required to do your gig, assuming supplies are needed, or if you want Service Providers to provide the supplies for you.

5)  There are many skill categories that are sub-categories of the four (4) main service categories. For example, some of the skill categories include: cooking, cleaning, interior painting, pet care, running errands, installing flooring, and many more. 

You will want to select some of the skills that you believe your Service Provider should possess in order to successfully complete your gig. 

6)  Next, set a reasonable budget or amount you are willing to pay a Service Provider to do your gig. If you do not know how much you wish to spend or what the average project costs, or if you wish to keep your budget private and just solicit bids, you should enter $0 for your budget.

7)  It is important that you provide the complete address of the gig location, including city, state, and zip code. (Please note, this address will not be disclosed to anyone but the Service Provider you select to do the gig.)

8)  Once more, please verify the zip code for your gig. 

9)  Select the frequency of your gig (one time, reoccurring, urgent)

10 ) Lastly, click “Submit Gig” and you’re done.

1)  The first step is to register for a free Service Provider account. After registering, you will need to check your email and verify your email address to activate your Service Provider account.

2)  After your account is activated you may wish to upload a photo of yourself to give Employers an idea of who you are. Completing this step adds credibility and safety to your profile.

3)  You should then complete the basic profile information requested, such as your name, field of service or what you do, complete address, years of experience, and your hourly rate. Please note that gigs are not bid by the hour, they are flat rate services. Posting your hourly rate gives Employers an idea of the value they are receiving from your bid.

4)  Next, you’ll want to check the box stating Email me gigs that are relevant to my skills to be notified about gigs that are posted on that meet your particular skill set. You will also receive push notifications through our mobile app regarding new gigs if you click this box. We highly recommend you do this step to get the most out of your Service Provider account.

5)  You will then provide some background information about yourself, what you enjoy doing, and how you wish to help Employers. This is where you really sell yourself and your skills.

Please do not include any personally identifiable information such as your email address, phone number, or any other similar detail. We do not want you solicited or spammed.

6)  Click the “Save” button.

7)  You should click the “Available for hire” box and turn the icon blue if you want Employers to be able to personally invite you to bid on gigs they post to It is a great way to get more business.

8)  My Account is where you can update your email or password.

9)  If you select a Service Provider Bid Pack you will be able to view those details under Subscription Details. Don’t worry if you do not see this section just yet. It will become optional later. You receive three (3) complimentary bids from to use each month.

10)  The Portfolio section allows you to showcase any work you have done that will impress Employers and improve your chances of winning the gig. You can upload photos, but please make sure they are relevant to your skills. This is always optional.

11)  Under Work Experiences you may wish to include current and prior employment information that you feel will increase your credibility and make you more attractive to Employers. Please note, this is not intended to be a section that promotes your current employer or invites people to contact you outside of the platform. This section is also optional. 

12)  Some Service Providers may have special certification or licensing to do their skill or craft. Please use this section to list that certification or licensing. This is optional but recommended if applicable to you.

13)  Lastly, you may wish to include information about your educational history. Some Employers appreciate knowing if you went to a trade school, university, or received on-the-job training (OJT) for your specific skills. This section is also optional. 

In addition to your reviews on the platform, your Service Provider Profile is your ticket to winning gigs. Always remember to be honest about your skills and what you can do, be fair about what you will charge, and timely about completing the gig.

As a Service Provider you are required to participate in the GigStop Guarantee and will be held to its requirements.

One of the most important features of is the Bid/Award system. When an Employer submits a new gig on, a notification is sent to local Service Providers with skills that match the gig. The Service Provider reviews the gig and decides if he or she wishes to bid to do it.

Most gigs are not overly complex and can be bid and awarded quickly. For example, let’s say a gig seeking someone to pick up dry-cleaning is posted to A Service Provider could easily review the gig to determine where the dry cleaner is located. The Service Provider will have an idea where to deliver the dry cleaning based upon the gig zip code. The Service Provider could then determine how long it will take to pick up the dry-cleaning and deliver it. This information can be used to determine within a matter of minutes what the Service Provider would bid to do the gig.

More complex gigs that require specialized skills or materials may take a Service Provider longer to bid. The Service Provider may send a private message on the platform requesting additional detail or information about the gig. The Service Provider may also ask if they can come to the gig location and personally evaluate it. This is perfectly fine if the Employer is comfortable with such an arrangement.

However, neither the Service Provider nor the Employer should plan for work outside the platform. If this happens, then the GigStop Guarantee is void. The Employer would not have protection that the gig will be done correctly, on time, and on budget. The Service Provider would not have the piece of mind knowing the money had already being paid into escrow for the gig to be completed. was built for convenience and transparency between Service Providers and Employers. When a Service Provider submits a bid, the Employer is notified and can quickly review the bid. If the Employer wishes to accept it, they simply click the button labeled Accept Bid to hire the Service Provider. Then the gig becomes live.

Alternatively, if the Employer has a question for the Service Provider, or the bid contains a request from the Service Provider, the Employer can click the button labeled Contact to send a private message to the Service Provider. This conversation is accessible to both the Employer and the Service Provider in real time. 

The platform also has a built in rehire feature under Completed Gigs in your My Gigs profile. You can repost a prior gig with the click of a button and will automatically invite the previous Service Provider to bid and do the same gig for you once again. This is handy if you wish to have someone provide reoccurring services such as mowing, running errands, or cleaning your house.

It is important to remember that once a bid is made by a Service Provider, and accepted by an Employer, the gig goes live and the clock to complete the gig starts ticking. Most importantly, the Gig Workspace becomes available to the Service Provider and the Employer. The next tab will tell you more about the Gig Workspace and how to use it. 

If you have access to the Gig Workspace, then you have either accepted a bid from a Service Provider or you have submitted a bid that was accepted by an Employer. Either way, the gig is live and the clock is ticking for the gig to be completed. Now what does everyone do?

In a nutshell, the answer is to communicate. The platform has two integrated communication portals. The primary portal for live gigs is the workspace. This area is accessible to both the Employer and the Service Provider. It allows the parties to communicate with each other about anything pertinent to the gig, including timeframe, supplies, contact information, and much more. The parties can even upload files and photos to document the before, during, and after phases of the gig. 

Proper utilization of the workspace is important because it provides a central hub for everyone to see the progress of the gig and the communication between the Service Provider and Employer. No matter how small the gig, the workspace should always be utilized to document what has been done. The workspace is available for review even after the gig has been completed and paid for. 

Speaking of completing gigs and paying for them, you can learn how to do that in the next section. 

The best part about a gig is when it’s done. The Employer gets to check something off the to-do list and the Service Provider gets paid. So how do you make both of those things happen on

Under Manage My Gigs you will find every gig you have bid on as a Service Provider, or you have awarded as an Employer. If a gig is active, it will be listed under Current Gigs in the My Gigs section of your account. 

Service Providers will find two buttons in the Gig Workspace. The first button is labeled Discontinue Gig, and the second button is labeled Complete Gig. Let’s focus on the Complete Gig button for now. 

When a Service Provider completes a gig, they simply click the Complete Gig button. This notifies the Employer that the gig is done and the Service Provider would like to be paid. The Employer should then visit the workspace for that particular gig and review the comments, notes, photos, etc. to make sure they are satisfied with the Service Provider’s work. The Employer then clicks the Pay Service Pro button found in the workspace for that gig to release the escrow funds to the Service Provider. 

The Employer is then asked to leave a review and rate the Service Provider. Be truthful and honest when reviewing the Service Provider. Remember, this rating and review will be made public and will affect the Service Prover’s GigStop reputation. 

Once the escrow payment is released, the Service Provider will receive a message that the funds have been credited to their GigStop account. The Service Provider will also be asked to review and rate the Employer. Be truthful and honest when leaving Employer reviews. This rating and review will be made public and will affect the Employer’s GigStop reputation. 

Everyone wants 5-star reviews, and everyone wants gigs to go just as planned, but what if they don’t? This is when it is important to know how to discontinue or dispute a gig. The next section will tell you more about how to do just that.

We hope you will never have to discontinue or dispute a gig, but you may find yourself in that situation one day. So let’s talk a little bit about how to do this on

First things first, discontinuing a gig is not always a bad thing. For example, a Service Provider may have bid to do a gig, and been awarded the gig, only to realize they have a legitimate reason to not do it. The same holds true for Employers.

The team does monitor and review all gigs that are discontinued. Our team looks for fraud and abuse. If this determination is made, the Employer or Service Provider risks being temporarily or permanently banned from the platform. So please be mindful of this fact.

Only a Service Provider can discontinue a gig. A legitimate reason to do so would be because the gig was not as described by the Employer. Another reason may be because the Service Provider determines they are not able to do the gig safely or correctly.

Employers cannot directly discontinue a gig. Instead, an Employer will have to ask a Service Provider to discontinue the gig. It is ultimately up to the Service Provider to agree to this. However, we strongly advise Service Providers to honor legitimate discontinuation requests made by Employers.

Employers have a different tool they can use if problems arise. Employers can dispute a gig. Gigs can be disputed only after the Service Provider has completed the gig and requested payment from the Employer. The Employer should review the Service Provider’s work and may then either release payment or file a dispute. The most common reason an Employer might file a dispute is because the Service Provider did not do the gig correctly, failed to complete the gig on time, or is trying to charge more for the gig than what was bid. 

So how do you discontinue a gig as a Service Provider? It’s easy. Simply visit the Gig Workspace and select Discontinue Gig instead of Complete Gig, as was previously discussed. You will be asked to explain why you are discontinuing or quitting the gig. Your Employer will be notified, and the team will take it from there. 

How do you dispute a gig as an Employer? It’s also in your Gig Workspace. Simply click the Dispute Gig button instead of the Pay Service Pro button, share some details about why you are submitting the dispute, and let the team handle the rest.

All elections to discontinue or dispute gigs are governed by the Terms of Use. You’ll want to visit this page immediately, if you have not already done so, and review the same.